Where Is God? By Reverend James C. Nyemah

Where Is God? answers many common questions Christian have about God and about life such as "Does God Pick-and-Choose?" Find out the answers to questions you have about God!"

Where Is God?

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Where Is God?

By Rev. James Nyemah 

Rev. James Nyemah asks the difficult questions about God and life. If God is such a loving and caring father, why does he allow bad things to happen to good people, including Christians? Why do Christians experienced evils like those who do not know God when the Almighty, All Powerful, All Knowing, and All Present God is their God? Why do bad things happen to good people? 

It seems like no one has security in health, wealth, and human relations because of the things that happen nowadays. There are some things that can make one doubt the very existence of God much less talk about his love and care. 

Sometimes it appears that God does ‘pick-and-choose’. He blesses some people but let the others die in their suffering. Why? Join the discussion. Where is God?

Review By Margaret Lukasik

Where Is God?

By Reverend James Nyemah

If you want to read an honest and sincere book about life as it pertains to Christian living at it's best, Where Is God? by Reverend James Nyemah is a book that will remain in your heart to bring restoration and a true perception of God's love, grace and compassion. The question "where is God?" is the thread woven throughout the book as Reverend Nyemah discusses the suffering that many people, including Christians, experience as a result of selfishness, environment and societal mores. People want to know where God is hiding during their arduous struggles and this book makes it clear that God is always with us!

The book empowers the reader throughout, building faith from one chapter to the next! Reverend Nyemah has a talent for discussing real life circumstances people can relate to rather than judging and accusing through preachy dialogue void of God's love. He touches upon every difficulty that a person's vulnerabilities can cause when they do not understand that there is a God waiting to guide them out of their troubles to a life of great joy and purpose for serving others. His message gives us the hope and faith that God can turn our difficult circumstances into blessings if we turn our lives to Him rather than trusting in the world!

Reverend Nyemah's Biblical wisdom and knowledge is clear. He uses appropriate scripture within Biblical context that reflect current life situations to prove God is always waiting for us to acknowledge Him and trust Him to fix our lives. He shows us that Christians don't have to waste their lives entrenched in problems. He brings hope to those in despair and boldly leads the reader to "forget the past" no matter how difficult and move on to a victorious life!

If you are not sure where you are in your walk with God or simply as a person, this book will bring to light the truth of your life. The clear and sincere writing of this loving man of God breaks down evil so that it can be clearly defined in your life and understood. He doesn't judge but gently leads. He is a strong believer that one should be told the truth about their mistakes, but not in a way that hurts or wounds the soul. He states that it should be done with care and consideration of each person. I believe the author has achieved that high standard, and because of it, he will help many people live successful Christian lives.

The Reverend also discusses the power of thankfulness. He teaches the importance and power in having gratitude when God answers our prayers and in general. Just as we expect to receive gratitude from others we must also insure that daily we thank and praise God. One of the most profound statements Reverend Nyemah makes is that God loves us and can save us at any time when we are in trouble, but many of us take advantage of this by just wanting help from God, but not God himself. This is something every Christian must search deep within their hearts to learn about themselves. If they are not involved with God daily, they will only live life on their own terms and then have the tenacity and arrogance at times to ask, "where is God?" when their own actions have brought them trouble.

The wisdom in this book runs deep with questions that make the reader have to think beyond their own preconceived ideas about God and the scriptures. The most challenging question he asks toward the end of the book led me to a time of much self-examination. His position is so strong in the Lord that he challenges the reader to ask themselves whether they are doing all they have been empowered to do before they challenge the character and integrity of God. Are we asking God to do the things we can do? Where Is God? gives the wisdom and direction needed to become overcomers through Jesus Christ!

About The Author ...

Reverend James Nyemah

Reverend James Nyemah is the founder and Senior Pastor of Africa Faith Expressions, a church that touches the African community in Arizona. He is the first Liberian pastor to open a church in Phoenix, Arizona. He is also the first African immigrant to publish a book in Arizona - USA. Many call him Brother James or Pastor James; either way, he is the same guy. He is a community man.

Rev. James Nyemah and his wife, Lucy, live in Glendale, Arizona. Their daughter, Precious, is a freshman at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Watch out for his next book: “Born to Take Charge” a piece on purpose and leadership to live a fulfilled life. 

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