Why Don't I Feel My Faith Book Review 

Why Don't I Feel My Faith by Robert Gyakye Coleman 

This book is designed to meet the need for a realistic discussion on what it means to have faith, for those looking for that authentic Christian faith which can be lived in today's world and which has also been lived by real followers of Christ, historically.  The book is available now in E-book form.  See information below for more details.

Genre  Christian Living
Publish Date 1-11- 2013
Publisher  RGC Publishing

Meet The Author...

Margaret Lukasik

Robert Gyakye Coleman was born and raised in Ghana. Why Don't I Feel My Faith is his first book which will soon be released in March 2013.

He was educated at:  Adisadel College, Ghana, Brock University, Canada and Niagara College, Canada.

Robert has a strong conviction that Jesus Christ is the only way, the truth and the life.  He loves sharing this truth to youths and adults alike in his Christian messages as a speaker.   

About The Book Why Don't I Feel My Faith... 

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Why Can't I Feel My Faith

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Book Description:  Why Don't I Feel My Faith is a Christian Information book that presents  uncomfortable truths in a humorous but honest means that is refreshing and honest.  

Many Christians dealing with the difficult and complex issues of today need to understand God's Word in a way that will make a difference in their lives.  Robert wrote his book to inspire in the reader, a Christ-like thinking pattern and a faith that is real, true, spiritual and that will stand the test of time.  

If you're interested to order, you can get the Print edition when it is released by going to Robert's blog.  The E-book edition is  available for sale now and can be purchased from Amazon.com

Robert is available for speaking on the subject of his book and to share the Christian message of Jesus Christ.  He can be reached through his email address at: boabs2010@gmail.com. 

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Book Review...

Why Don't I Feel My Faith Review
By Margaret Lukasik 

When I first began to study the Word over thirty years ago I began with the subject of faith.  I worked daily to understand the principles of faith and to incorporate them into my life in order to have answered prayer. I still remember the doubts I had and the many questions that plagued my mind every time I went to pray.  Why Don't I Feel My Faith is the first book on faith I've read that clearly identifies that new faith of believers that brings about so many perplexing and fearful questions and emotions.

While Bible faith is pure and simple, it can often become a confusing idea in the minds of those untrained in the Word and a complex issue when one tries to comprehend faith by their sense knowledge or with a mind not yet transformed by the Word of God. Faith is a spiritual matter governed by specific principles that when followed will produce answered prayer or whatever it was released to accomplish. However, Robert Gyakye Coleman, points out that we have to understand the part of answered prayer that goes beyond our understanding and perhaps that which we have asked for in order to fulfill the bigger picture which is to fulfill God's will.  

He also discusses the truth that God cannot always answer prayer in the way we might expect. Throughout the book he inspires and teaches Christians how to define faith according to Biblical standards in order to develop it and accomplish God's will in our lives at the same time. He consistently demonstrates the importance of placing God at the center of whatever we do in order for Him to guide, mold and correct us through Jesus Christ. 

One of the most important truths highlighted in the book is that we cannot take scripture and bend or mold it to make what we want to believe true or to convince others of what we want them to believe. R.G. Coleman warns that we must interpret scripture within the context of how it was written. We must look deeper than one isolated scripture by looking at the verses surrounding it as well as looking to other chapters, other books of the Bible and the verses therein to get the understanding intended. 

Why Don't I Feel My Faith is a great commentary for understanding faith as related to the Bible.  There are many interpretations of faith, but there is only one God-kind of faith. R.G. Coleman makes clear the difference in a very concise means that will help Christians understand how to pray with God's will at the center of their requests. It also teaches that we must remain humbled before God by trusting Him and by allowing Him to have first place in our lives and in whatever we do. 


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To order the Print edition, please go to Robert's website. The E-book edition, however, is available for sale now.  It can easily be purchased from Amazon.com.

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