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Unravelling the Mystery Surrounding The Story of Job

Author Joyce Taiwo reaveals important truths about God and the book of Job in her new book.

  • You will follow the author through her journey of  learning about God's love and deliverance.
  • She reveals the unexplained events in the life of Job, dispelling the fears that many people have because of incorrect teachings.
  • Through the story of Job, she give a clear picture of our ability to freely receive God's blessings.

The Author's Book Summary

Published October 29, 2014 - 80 Pages
Published By CreateSpace Independent Publishing
  Christian Life / Christian Growth


By Joyce Taiwo

God's love  for  us  is  unfailing and He  never  changes.   For  years  we  have  been  led  to  believe  that  God  asked  the  devil  this  question - "have  you  considered my  servant Job".  After which He  gave  the  devil  permission  to  go  and  destroy  all that  Job  had.

 Well this  book  will  reveal  the  truth of  what  God  really  said which is  not  what  we  have  read for  years.  It will make  you  fall  in  love with  God  all over  again.

Job - God's Trian or Satan's Attack answers important questions about God, the Book of Job and Satan.  It will free you to enjoy the blessings of God prepared for us in Christ Jesus.



Learn What Happened In Job

If All good gifts comes down from the Father and He never changes according to James 1:17, then what happened in the book of Job?

Learn The True Nature Of God

Is it the nature of God to show off to the devil by allowing him to wreak havic in the lives of Christians while they remain thankful?

Understand The Person Of Job

Who is the person of Job and what happened to Him that has relevance to us today and that will help us better understand God?

Review By Margaret Lukasik

JOB - GOD'S TRIAL OR SATAN'S ATTACK by Joyce Taiwo is a valuable reference for all Christians that clearly and responsibly teaches the truth about the story of Job by using scripture to back her findings and conclusions.  For some Christians the story is more a picture of God allowing Satan to afflict him, but Joyce reveals a greater truth behind the story that is vital to know and understand for successful Christian living.  

   Once she had received salvation and learned about God's deliverance she began to experience much conflict over the interpretation of Job's story that she had learned in her childhood church.   However, her confusion turned to a burning desire  to dig deeper into the scriptures and I am so thankful that she did.   From the beginning of the book I couldn't help but admire Joyce. It takes great courage to challenge what one has learned from those who are considered spiritual leaders and teachers of the Bible.  However, she chose to put Bible doctrine and Scriptural truth over tradition.  This is such an important lesson for Christians because it's easy in our busy lives to just accept what we hear, but we need to be responsible concerning scripture in order to grow in Christ and win others to their salvation.

   Because of the author's commitment to living the truth of God's Word, she has created a invaluable study for all Christians at all levels of faith.  Sadly, the story Of Job has been taught for years in a way that has kept Christians from living the full measure of God's love and blessings, but Job - God's Trial Or Satan's Attack can bring clarity to the hearts and minds of Christians who have had a vague idea about faith and God's blessings.  Without understanding God's loving nature and the essence of His true character, it isn't possible to receive answered prayer or develop the kind of faith that moves mountains.   

  Joyce has made it easy for Christians to find clarity in the scripture concerning Job and the New Testament reality that we have been redeemed through Jesus Christ.  I applaud the author's great writing presentation and organization of scripture that gives a vivid picture about God's attitude toward Satan and Job and the understanding Job received that caused the restoration of his life.  It's very clear to me that Joyce was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this important, "must have" study!

About The Author

Joyce Taiwo

Joyce Taiwo is a seasoned intercessor and has been walking in that ministry for over 20 years.  She has a specific call to intercede for The Persecuted Church across the world; the Churches, the church leaders and the lost.  Joyce teaches the Word of God with simplicity and depth.

Joyce is also the founder of the "Life in His Purpose ministry" an outreach ministry through which she builds people up in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ at meetings and conferences.

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