Successful Habits By Ron Millicent 

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Successful Habits

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About This Inspirational Book

By Ron Millicent 

    The author wrote Successful Habits after being dismayed about all the publicity given to "The Secret" and various renditions of the Law of Attraction. 

    The truth – as the author see it – is that the "secret" is really no secret at all.  The most ancient writings tell of it – as well as the Bible. Actually the Bible is full of these "secrets."

   This little handbook - is a life-changer, in easy to follow steps. And, you will even be smiling along the way in this journey of life. Though it is a very serious subject – changing one’s path of life – this book is proof that you do not have to wade through someone else’s life’s stories – to change your own. Nor, do you have to apply these principles with dogged seriousness and somberness. No – this book will take you on an excursion of life that is easy, fun, and enormously rewarding. 

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Successful Habits

By Ron Millicent

The personal self-growth book Successful Habits by Ron Millicent is a book that is all about helping others achieve a life of personal fulfillment and joy. The author shares what he calls "time-tested precepts," because they are ancient and have already been proven over time. He looks to prominent persons and ancient philosophers to prove that the people who write and capitalize on information concerning the "Secret" and other writings akin to this information are hardly original in their precepts and guidance.

Ron encourages his readers to seek after their purpose in life by understanding who they are and what they enjoy by opening their minds to the plethora of information available in life rather than centering upon only one subject. I felt this to be an enlightening thought. We should all be well-rounded people in order to better enjoy life, better share with others and gain deeper insight into our most fulfilling purpose. Successful Habits encourages one to delve into the unlimited dimensions of mind and spirit to dream big!

Ron also states that we activate our specific life-purpose plan with a burning desire to achieve it and to have a true belief and conviction that it will be realized. This leads to his 10-step plan for living one's best life. It is a simple to follow plan that offers helpful information to encourage the reader to take an introspective look within to better achieve those things which open the door to all possibility.

Successful Habits will lead you on a journey of new beginnings to refresh your life and begin again. It comes alive with the excitement of living the truth that anyone can do whatever they desire and be whatever they want. Ron Millicent writes with an upbeat and friendly tone that is infectious, fun and engaging. I encourage you to get on the path to "Successful Habits."

About The Author ...

Ron Millicent

Ron Millicent believes that life is full of learning experiences, (adventures) and that we become richer from having learned and experienced them. 

He firmly believes that God made us to enjoy life – and our lifelong lessons are meant to enhance our lives – while at the same time bringing us closer to Him. The cover of the book – The Path – illustrates that the paths to God – can come in many shapes, sizes, and places. Some may surprise us! It is the recognition of this that lets us enjoy being human – while traveling that path with vigor –and some laughs along the way. It is a Great Inspirational Read! You will enjoy it!!

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