Weapons For Victory - Memoirs of a Perfect Storm

Learn How To Take The Weapons For Victory Over Your Life

Follow The Author As She Employs The Warfare Armor From Ephesians 6:10-18 To Receive Victory Over The Problems Of Her Life.  

Weapons Of Victory

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Weapons For Victory - Memoirs of a Perfect Storm  By Dr. Sharon Smith-Koen

Paul describes the warfare Armor in Ephesians 6:10-18 that is provided to every believer.  The author, Dr. Sharon Smith-Koen, gives a vibrant account of how she used the Weapons for Victory to gain access to Satan's camp, retrieve her stuff that was stolen, and walk away in victory. The book is clearly based upon God's Word, as she shares the tools of God's Word needed to prepare for deployment, face it head on, and emerge a winner every time. 

Get a a panoramic view of the storm, which at times grew boisterous, that was the avenue God used to bring change and wholeness for the author and her family. She takes us into her colossal journey in an effort to bring healing and wholeness to the masses being massacred by Satan and his demonic forces. The author culminates this passion filled saga by giving her readers a chapter study of the spiritual armor, which if employed, will render them victors on their own journey. 

Review By Margaret Lukasik

Weapons For Victory - Memoirs of a Perfect Storm

Dr. Sharon Smith -Koen

Author of Weapons For Victory - Memoirs of a Perfect Storm, Dr. Sharon Smith - Koen, shares her life and her faith as she leads her readers out of their problems to victory. This is a book about taking action with God by being a doer of the Word rather than allowing life to overcome one's peace, joy and God-given dreams. Sharon has lived through circumstances that have demanded her complete trust in God, and even when it seemed too difficult to have faith, she went beyond her emotions by using the spiritual weapons of warfare that Paul discusses in 2 Corinthians 10:4. Although she was forced to face life on her own with two small children because of an unwanted divorce, she allowed the Holy Spirit to empower her life and help her overcome every obstacle that has come against her then and since!

Sharon is a success story, proving with her life that anything can be accomplished no matter what the obstacles. One of the most exciting aspects of her book is that she takes the reader into the battlefield with her and clearly shows them how to use these spiritual weapons that are available to every believer. She uses her experiences as a living testimony for God, showing that no matter where you are in life, God will pick you up, hold you in His loving arms and bring healing and revival by turning your difficulties into successful endeavors for His glory.

If you think the dreams you have are impossible, you need to read Sharon's book. You'll be amazed at what the Lord has done for her in situations that appeared impossible. By obedience to God's Word and faith, she has moved forward to great heights in her career as a Middle School counselor for the past seven years and she has recently established a part time counseling practice called Wholeness Counseling Service. She is currently moving forward with God in ministry to help win and restore souls to His kingdom. It was never her intention to just write a "book" like so many Christians are doing today. She wrote by guidance of the Holy Spirit, not always wanting to be forthcoming with parts of her life she preferred to forget, but she has trusted God and I'm thankful that she has. Her obedience to God's will has given her the faith to build a fulfilling career and ministry that continues to grow.

Weapons For Victory reads like a movie that spans from 1970 when she was first saved, to the present where she is in a position of reaping the rewards of her faith, and she is in a place of confidence about her life and family. In Sharon's Words, "the book is a biographical portrait of one who lived on the edge, stepped out on nothing, and exercised mustard seed faith." Once you read Weapons For Victory, you'll never be able to say, "I can't," but instead, "nothing is impossible through Christ Who strengthens me."

I have also read her book, "Christian Divorce Wars," and both books together offer so much insight about the problems of divorce that are plaguing so many Christians today. Whether you are divorced or know of someone who is, the information she offers in both books about the subject is invaluable!

Sharon has a talent for writing as if she were speaking just to you in a personal conversation. Her writing is so engaging that no matter where you are in your "faith walk," Weapons For Victory will build your faith and give you the courage to continue with God and receive victory no matter what you're going through!

About The Author ...

Dr. Sharon Smith-Koen was born in Jamaica West Indies. She relocated to the United States in September 1970 and attended Grace Gospel Chapel in Harlem New York for 17 years.  She became a member of Bethel Gospel Assembly also in Harlem in 1987.  This is where a life of ministry truly began for Sharon, as she sought to follow the inscription written on the outside wall of that church, "ENTER TO LEARN GO FORTH TO SERVE." 

After a divorce, Sharon spent 10 years as a single mother to her 2 children (Jason and Shanae). She pursued a career in counseling, and currently holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management, a Master of Science Degree in Counseling from Mercy College, graduating Suma Cum Laude, and a Doctorate in Biblical Counseling/Biblical Studies from Master's International School of Divinity, graduating with honors. She is currently pursuing a PhD in Christian Counseling from Jacksonville Theological Seminary. Sharon is also the author of Christian Divorce Wars. She got re-married to Charles T. Koen in 2010 and they reside in Port St. Lucie. 

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