Your Testimony Bible Study by Douglas Riggle

Your Testimony by Douglas Riggle Is A Unique Process To Create Effective Christian Testimony For Sharing The Gospel 

"The Author Teaches How To Create The Second Greatest Story Ever Told!"

Your Testimony


A Little About "Your Testimony"

The author of the "Your Testimony" has given a unique approach to sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ by teaching Christians how to develop their testimony or story about how they came to Christ. 

The study makes it easy to be able to make an impact on the lives of friends, family and others who you come into contact with by sharing your personal story about Christ. There is no other story like yours and it's just waiting to be told!  

If you need help putting your story together in a way that will plant seeds for Christ in the hearts of those who hear it, "Your Testimony The Second Greatest Story Ever Told" is the perfect Bible Study that will get your message across in a way that will be a blessing again and again! 

Book Review For Your Testimony By Margaret Lukasik 

Your Testimony by Douglas Riggle is an amazing Bible study. I absolutely loved it and the way in which it was written and presented! It's creative, unique and based upon scripture!

The study is well planned and designed to help any Christian create their own testimony and learn how to confidently share it with others. Douglas makes it clear that the individual testimony is a great means of sharing the gospel because no one can argue with it. And when you think about it, that's entirely true. No one can rationally argue with a person about how they were saved when they have never met them or they don't know anything about their life.

Douglas works with the reader page by page, step-by-step to create what he calls, "the second greatest story every told--your story!" It's as if he is right there in the room with you, guiding you to write straight from the heart through short assignments that will help you create a compelling testimony. He also gives a list of elements that will help you more effectively plant seeds of salvation in the hearts of others. I believe that his wide-range of Christian work with adults, young people and orphans has given him a unique insight for sharing the gospel with great excitement and joy to all ages.

I encourage you to use the study to write a true story of what salvation has done for you as opposed to sharing a "canned" explanation of why a person should be saved. Your Testimony should be used in every Christian church for all age groups, for individuals and families. Two thumbs up for this great Bible study!

About The Author Of This Unique Bible Study...

Douglas Riggle

Douglas Riggle is from Central Ohio.  He is a former co-director of missions and evangelism at his church and has shared his personal testimony to others throughout the world.  In 1998 he took his first mission trip to Kiev, Ukraine. That experience made a strong impact on his life and was the genesis of Orphan World Relief, a 501c3 nonprofit he founded and runs.

Doug has led mission trips to various parts of the world and has trained others to be effective leaders and mission team members. Doug holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Website:  Doug

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