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Breaking The Sheep Mentality With God's Word

Breaking The Sheep Mentality

A Sheep Mentality Will Keep You 

From Living Your Life Purpose

You Can't Be A Follower Of The World 
and Follow God At The Same Time

It's a sad fact that a large part of the world is made up of followers, people who choose not to think for themselves, but who would rather follow a voice that comes along with a promise that fulfills a specific longing or desire.  It's something they believe they can't find or accomplish on their own such as more money, spiritual enrichment or finding the meaning of their lives.

It's unfortunate that some pastors have taken advantage of this sheep mentality that exists in Christians who are easily swayed and taken advantage of, never realizing what is going on behind the scenes.  They don't see the disguise that masks a growing campaign to use God's Word for financial gain and power.  

But it doesn't just happen in churches.  It happens everyday in the world in different ways--people being duped out of their money, their possessions, their children or their lives.  It could happen to you if you're easily led by the demands, manipulation or high pressure sales pitch of the professional con-man or woman.  They come in all forms; young, elderly, man, woman, a seemingly caring person or someone who your family may pressure you to trust.   

If you're feeling particularly vulnerable right now you don't have to worry about becoming someone's next victim because you can strengthen your mind with the assurance that no one can ever lead you astray.  You don't have to be a mindless sheep by breaking the sheep mentality with God's Word.

Learning how to use the right scripture and principles for transforming your mind with God's strength, wisdom and power you will never be vulnerable to the demands of those who do not have your best interest at heart.  You will be able to see through their disguise and keep yourself free from becoming their victim.

Mind Transformation For Breaking The Sheep Mentality 

Romans 12:2 tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds with God's Word. It's God's method of making us the successful people He already created in us. We just have to do our part to help Him work in our lives. If you're ready to think God's thoughts for rapid transformation over the areas of your life where you continue to be weak or vulnerable to others, then you're ready to let God heal your thoughts and corresponding actions.

You can begin the process by being thankful. This is where I began. Instead of being angry or bitter about your past mistakes and the many times you were taken advantage of, thank God that He is strengthening you. Philippians 4:6 tells us to be thankful not anxious or upset.  

The process of mind transformation is easy because we find what we need in the Bible for whatever change is necessary.  We read the parts of the Bible that give us wisdom for what we want, and then we act upon it. 

What can be difficult is overcoming the negative thinking that might be in your home, office or in the company you keep. Other people can keep us in bondage to wrong, perverted or negative thinking so that God's Words cannot penetrate our hearts, minds and souls for change. For example, when a person is around someone everyday who calls them bad names or uses descriptions about them such as, "you will never amount to anything," "you're nothing but a loser," etc., a person can remain stuck in a negative reality instead of God's truth about them. 

There are other more detrimental situations such as domestic abuse which beats down a person's soul and spirit until they become so vulnerable they come to believe they deserve the abuse.  It's not easy for them to become free through Jesus Christ until they break free of their abuse and get away from their abuser.

Whatever can cause the mind to be unhealthy, the conclusion is the same; it can seem natural for a person to react to life in ways that are not healthy, realistic or reasonable as long as outside influences are dominating their thoughts and reality. When people don't know better, they don't realize they have a problem. So without realizing it, they are sacrificing who they are and what is best for them by letting others dominate their lives. 

If you're experiencing confusion about who you are, then Breaking The Sheep Mentality is for you!  

If you're allowing the negativity of others to keep you down or you feel lost in a world of oppression or depression, then you're suffering from what I call "The Sheep Mentality." This means that you are being led by people who do not have your best interest at heart, rather than allowing God to lead you into your life purpose for your greatest fulfillment.  No one should keep you from attaining God's best for your life so you need to let His Word retrain your thinking to the reality that He made you a great success.

The information in this short book changed the reality created in me as a child that I was worthless and would never amount to anything.  I was excited to begin this process with God that led me to a positive conclusion about who I was, believing that I could do anything I wanted to do.  It will do the same for you as well!

You Don't Have To Be A Victim Anymore!  You're Free!

Learn How To Turn Your Back To Every Bad Thing Said Against You.

You're not the failure someone said you are.  You're a person in control of your mind, body, soul and spirit and if you learn how to use God's Word to retrain your mind, you'll be BREAKING THE SHEEP MENTALITY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

Stop Following The Wrong People And Let God Help You Strengthen Your Mind and Self-Confidence TODAY!



3 Easy Steps To Mind Empowerment


Stop Following Others and Let God Show You The Way
"LEARN HOW TO BREAK The Sheep Mentality"

By Margaret Lukasik

The Author Of This Site

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