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Please read our terms of service for a Book Review, Promotion and Advertising or for the Book Promotion Service.

Please Read My Conditions For The Book Review and Promotions Programs!

Before you pay the fee for the Life Purpose Book Review and Promotion Program or the Promotion Program only, please read the following terms and conditions for better understanding of my program.  

Remember, if your book fits with our book criteria given on the Review / Promotion and Promotion Pages, you will have a greater opportunity to get a larger targeted audience.  

For The Life Purpose Review and Promotion Programs

There are no promises or guarantees that the books reviewed or promoted on this site will generate book sales.

Authors will be notified of all work completed to keep them informed. 

As the author of Life Purpose Books.com, and as the head reviewer and promoter of the Book Programs, I reserve the right to refuse any book or to work with an author. I state here in writing that if any book is not accepted and a fee was paid, the full fee will be returned to the author.  

-Margaret Lukasik

Please see below for my Acceptable Book Criteria.

The Book Review and Promotion Service and the Book Promotion Service are governed by, myself only, Margaret Lukasik.  I have complete control over the aesthetics, design and SEO page construction in order to strive for the  highest page ranking. Please see below for more information.

  1. The purpose of this program is to provide book information that centers upon Christian and helpful personal growth information.

  2. Although I strive for perfection 100% of the time, I'm human and do at times find spelling or link errors. Once a page has been completed and errors or wrong information has been noted, I will correct them for the credibility of the page as quickly as possible, if not immediately.

  3. Book updates will be made if your review and promotion pages (reviews are not a part of the "Book Promotion Only Program for $24.97) were completed before your book release date.  A new blog post will be made to announce the book release date for the book review program. No other updates will be made.

  4. The only programs that provide a review on the Amazon.com book site after I purchase the book are the "Premium Book Review and Promotion Program and the Classic Promotion Program."

  5. No refunds will be given once the pages have been completed for the review and promotion.

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My Acceptable Book Criteria

Make sure that your book expresses Christian values even if it's not a Christian book.I will not accept books that include explicit sex or that promote pornography, promiscuity, sex outside of marriage or profanity -- especially expressions taking the Lord's name in vain. I do not accept books that mix or confuse the occult and other similar subjects with Christianity such as physic readings, numerology, etc. If a book doesn't fit with this site's audience, I will refund the complete Christian Book Review and Promotion fee. It's not personal! It just won't get the best promotional experience on this site and my social networks because my visitors will not be interested.

Just make sure that your book expresses Christian values even if it's not a Christian book. I will not accept books that include explicit sex, pornography, or profanity -- especially expressions taking the Lord's name in vain. References to sex must be kept subtle in ways that are not offensive to my visitors--especially promotion of promiscuity or sex before marriage. If a book doesn't fit within these categories I will refund the complete Life Purpose Book Reviews and Promotion fee.

Your Personal Information Is Safe

Please be assured that the personal information you provide will not be used in any way other than to fulfill our obligation of creating your book review or promotion.  We will not share your information with any person, company or entity.  

Please read our complete Privacy Policy for your peace of mind.  

Note: Submitting the "Book Form" for my book promotion program signifies that you have read our terms and conditions.

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