The Well-Watered Life 

by Todd L. Shuler 

Take The Path Of The Well-Watered Life
The Reflections and Meditations into the Life of Abraham's Son, Isaac.

The Well-Watered Life

The Well-Watered Life 

by Todd L. Shuler

Feeling like you’ve been left for dead in a “desert” place of your life? Take heart. God has not forgotten you.  Author Todd Shuler’s message is based on his reflections and meditations into the life of Abraham’s son, Isaac.  The Well-Watered Life is about thriving in the deserts of your own life, being led out by the power of the Holy Spirit, and learning to be a source of refreshing encouragement to others.

“In a culture that has lowered practically all moral and ethical standards over the course of the past couple of decades, Todd Shuler’s The Well-Watered Life does an exceptional job in pointing believers back to the basics of prayer, seeking God, and listening for His answers. Todd vividly portrays the healthy and dynamic Christian life as one of intentionality; the reader is brought to the brink of decision as to the future direction of his life as a follower of Christ.”

-Stan Hutchinson, Author of Financial Peace of Mind from the WORD

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

The Well-Watered Life

The Well-Watered Life by Todd L. Shuler is a book all Christians and non-Christians will appreciate reading. This book is not only a very well written and well researched examination of the life of Abraham and his descendants, but it also gives an in-depth look at what happens in life and how the failures or successes of a father can be passed down to future generations of his family.

This is a must read book for all of us as it not only explores the trials and difficulties of life but offers hope to all by giving examples of how Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, dealt with life's problems. The author's complex introspection into their lives and their relationship with God and how it affected their decisions in their everyday living, gives us insight for how we can incorporate their experiences into a guide for successful Christian living.

The book also examines the truth about how even Biblical men and women who had a close relationship with God also faced difficult times. I felt it important that Todd shows us that even people of great faith from the Old Testament made questionable decisions that we can look at and wonder how they could succeed and prosper. They did because they continued in their faith.

As Todd continues to guide us on this journey he gives us simple yet direct examples of how even when you're in the driest desert of your life there is a way of finding spiritual water that will bring you out of the desert and into the bloom that is only available to someone who continually seeks the water. The Well-Watered Life shows that seeking the water is only possible by doing your own work. You can't find water if you don't dig a well. That's how we build our faith by doing the work to dig the well. And if the well gets damaged due to circumstances, then you dig another one. I appreciated the Todd's clear analogies to not give up because faith has to be cultivated just like in the days of Isaac. And he shows us how to cultivate that faith.

Todd teaches that our relationship with God is not part-time, but a continuous action. Life is not always an easy road and sometimes we may wonder why we are not blessed with better circumstances, but as Todd shows us, the path to success is not to give up but to continue to build faith and believe and know that your work will be blessed.

The reader also learns from Todd that listening to God and doing his will is the most important part of receiving blessings. One of the best parts of the book is Todd's insightful suggestions on how to pray and set up a routine so that prayer and more importantly, receiving answers to your prayers, will be most successful. By obeying God's Word and living a blessed life we become examples who inspire non-believers to receive salvation. As Todd says, "when people ask, what makes you the way you are, what's behind you?" It's the perfect time to say "it's my faith. I will tell you more, if you want to know." He wisely states that we earn the right to witness because of the life we live. How true this is. Nothing is worse than a Christian who doesn't live what they tell others to do.

This book is inspirational, but also it brings peace to the reader showing that there is hope, and that the solution to conquer one's fears and problems is easy to obtain through faith and simple faith works. Todd reminds us of the truths of faith as in John 4:14: "But those who drink the water I give will never be thirsty again. It becomes a fresh, bubbling spring within them, giving them eternal life."

The Well-Watered Life will surely help you to be filled by the Holy Spirit, which flows like a river of life from the heart.

The Well-Watered Life Reviews

Reviews Are In! Read What Others Are Saying About This Dynamic Christian Living Book:

"If you wonder why your spiritual tank is running on empty or if you are looking for a glimpse of hope and definite purpose for your life, this book was written for you. Reading it may be the first step to a more fulfilling and passionate spiritual journey." -Luis Castro, Certified Coach, Teacher & Speaker for The John Maxwell Team


"I know that everyone who reads this book will be blessed." -Yvonne Hurst, Salvation Army


"This book is an indispensable tool for the lay member and leader alike who find themselves in a desert place. Shuler fascinates his reader with his practical insights and biblical wisdom. It's a must-read for the person whose life's journey has lost passion, power, and purpose. The reader will be transformed from wandering in the desert to having an intimate, fulfilled life in Christ. I highly recommend this book for those beginning their walk with Christ or those who seek to continue toward the mature, well-watered life!" -Dr. Carlos McCloud, Grace Bible College


"The Well-Watered Life offers practical strategies for new and seasoned Christians to use in the tough times of their lives. It contains real-world situations reminding us we are not alone in our life's journey to God's kingdom." -Tammy Dye Walls, Middle School Teacher


"In a culture that has lowered practically all moral and ethical standards over the course of the past couple of decades, Todd Shuler's The Well-Watered Life does an exceptional job in pointing believers back to the basics of prayer, seeking God, and listening for His answers. Todd vividly portrays the healthy and dynamic Christian life as one of intentionality; the reader is brought to the brink of decision as to the future direction of his life as a follower of Christ." -Stan Hutchinson, Engineer, Financial Counselor and Instructor, Author of Financial Peace of Mind from the WORD 


"Great Book! Very Inspirational. A must-read no matter where you are in your Christian walk." -David Williams, Jr., Information Technology Security Professional

About The Author...

Todd Shuler


Todd L. Shuler is an internationally known management consultant, speaker, ordained minister, teacher and author.

Todd brings a background of management consulting and business and IT Strategy and Implementation for both the private and public sectors, having worked for Deloitte and Ernst & Young. He also previously worked for On Assignment, Citizant, Texas Instruments, and Bank of America. Mr. Shuler is also a veteran of the U.S. Armed Forces.

Todd graduated from the Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems and a minor in Japanese Language and Literature. He is currently pursuing his Master of Divinity at Reformed Theological Seminary as well as his Master of Business Administration (MBA) at the J. Whitney Bunting School of Business at Georgia College and State University.

Todd is passionate about discovering God's Will for his life as well as connecting people to God, to their purpose, and to others. He and his wife Evette have three wonderful children.

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