There's No Debate! Video Book Promotion Is A Must If You Desire More Exposure!

It's not a question of whether you should use video promotion; it's a question of finding the right professional to create, promote and expose your video.

Book Promotion Creation

Choose A Professional Who Has Experience With Video Creation and Video Script Writing To Get Viewers To Take Action...

You must also have video management and branding to set you and your book apart from other videos.

The above video is an example of an explainer video used to describe services.
Every style is different depending upon the service or product.   

Feature Benefit #1

Video Experience:  I have been creating video for book promotion and book reviews since 2011.

Feature Benefit #2

Script and Copywriting:  I write video scripts to quickly get across the main message with a call to action.

Feature Benefit #3

Promotion:  I will host your video on my site for 3 months to give it greater exposure on the social networks.

Recently the earth's population passed the 7 billion mark.  It's also a fact that over 2 billion of those people are connected to the Internet and more than 5 billion have a Smartphone. When you realize that many people with global social networks such as Facebook with over 900 million users, you see the opportunities for video promotion and you can understand that access to markets that were once local have become global and now scale to billions.


About My Video Book Promotion Program...

Your Book, Product Or Service Needs A Unique Video That Sells...

I will create a unique and incredible video for your book in a way that appeals to people rather than boring them so quickly they will probably stop watching it.  I didn't get response for my test videos that I did for my own books until I made them short.  I started with a four minute story that led to a "call to action" which I doubt was ever seen because people are busy and don't have time to keep watching. 

I kept working at video promotion until I began to get results and first page listings on the Google Search Engines with videos that are no longer than one and a half minutes.  Of course, I have to promote my videos, but they are easily promoted on all the major video sites and individual sites and blogs.  As a bonus, I will host the videos I create on my site for three months with links that lead to your book's purchasing sites with a call to action link at the end -- all within the video!  I will give you the embed code to place the video wherever you like for that three months to give you a head start!  

Your video will not only capture your audience, but it will be professionally created by length, wording and compilation of slides to capture the attention of your viewers.  Marketing techniques are a must for video promotion.  A video created without specific marketing video production will in most cases, be of little value.  

I've spent much time learning how to produce marketing videos for my own services and books and also to enhance and increase my book promotion tools for other authors.  

Each video centers around the theme of a book in color, images and wording.  However, the words used, placement of words and images as well as the order of the slides will fit within a well-proven marketing plan that is used by advertising marketing professionals.  This program can also work for a service as well.  See my examples at right.  I have more examples that are soon to be uploaded.   

This type of video is not a review.  I create video reviews within my complete Book Promotion and Review Package, but that's another form of marketing by putting out a message about what the book is like and what the reviewer thought about it.   The Video Book Promotion process does not include that type of video.  It's created to stimulate attention from viewers in a short amount of time to peak their interest and get them to "take action" before they stop watching.

Why You Need A Professional Marketing Video:

  • Many authors create their own slideshows to get attention.  However, A BORING SLIDESHOW IS NOT A VIDEO ANYONE WANTS TO WATCH anymore. It's just a bunch of pictures presented with some text, spaced a few seconds part. 
  • Marketers don't use video slideshows for effectively selling ANYTHING! Personal photos might look good in one, but for selling or promoting your products it's just not good enough... 
  • Home-made videos created by authors who are not trained to sell with words, promote or create marketing videos will probably never get their videos seen let alone engage anyone who might. 
  • Again, your book video must engage the viewer and spark their interest in order to get them to click on the link at the end of your video (I will provide links for the first 3 months). 

What You Can Expect:

  • An INCREDIBLE Video To Sell Your Book, Product or Service! 
  • Versatility That Includes Specialization of What You Do or Your Product!
  • Video To Make Your Book Stand Out From The Rest!
  • A video that will help you GET KNOWN and Build your AUTHORITY!
  • A means to Captivate and Engage Your Audience!
  • The ability to Grow Your Traffic With The Power of YouTube and a GREAT Video! 
  • With Video Promotion, You Can Increase Your Targeted Aucience!

What I will need from you:

  • Your information (see below for details).
  • Any images needed (ex., logo, your book to read, book image, etc.).
  • Any description you may want to include (optional).
  • An mp4 clip of an introduction from you no more than 15 seconds (optional).  

Process For Video Book Promotion and Marketing:

Once I receive your order and the information requested, I will begin production of your video.  I'll develop a script and a video style and design that will be attention grabbing! 

  • I will create the slides to reflect your book aesthetically.  
  • The video will be no longer than 90 minutes in length.
  • I will include your images along with your logo if you have one.
  • Your website address and Social networks will be included at the end of the video.
  • A licensed background music clip will be used that works with your video.
  • A voice-over (narration) will be utilized for all or part of the video.
  • Videos can be ordered without voice-overs (see separate pricing below)
  • I will create a JPEG video cover that reflects your book and matches the video.
  • You will receive the MP4 file of the video to place on YouTube type sites, your website and social networks.
  • I will host your video on my site for 3 months with "Call To Action Links" within the video and give you the embed code. 

Choose From The Following Video Book Promotion Examples:

Video Book Promotion In Review

Main Video Book Promotion Facts:

  • I will create one video that lasts no longer than 1.5 minutes after the one-time fee has been paid.
  • The video will be completed within three weeks or sooner after the client's approval.
  • Every effort will be made to complete the video without errors, but if found I will correct any errors.
  • Upon approval, the final video package will be sent to the client so that they can begin promoting it.
  • I will promote the video for 3 months on my site to help get your promotion efforts started.
  • Client must understand that the success of the video depends upon their promotion efforts.




Just click on the link below and you'll be taken to our site on PayPal.  You don't need an account to order.  It's SAFE, SIMPLE and SECURE!

  Click Below To Order From PayPal:  

Promotion and Marketing Video With Voiceover Only $120.00

The examples below are only samples for reviews, services or book trailers.  All videos are unique to a service, book or product, therefore, these are only examples.  If you wish to include an audio or vido clip, please make sure it's no more than 15 seconds long. You can send a clip from your phone (MOV) or any MP4 file.  If you have another video file, I will convert it to an MP4.   


The Spirit Of Revival received close to 7,000 combined views on my two YouTube channels after it was published.  It received the most views on my Christian channel since it's a Christian video Relavancy matters but I thought I would test it on my channel for all genres.  I've included screen shots for this and my generic channel.

Christian Channel | Margaret Lukasik Channel

The Plot To Kill God God received over 12,000 views after it was published. I've included a screenshot. Click here.

Video Book Advertisements

The first ad was created for a client and the last ad was created for my weight loss coaching course.

Promotion and Marketing Video With Voiceover Only $120.00

Video Promotion Without Voiceover, Just $69.00


"I'm always available for my clients within each of the programs I offer and I keep in touch all the way.  I've been helping Christian authors since 2010.   Please contact me with questions about my Video Book  Promotion."      -Margaret Lukasik  


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