What Jesus Was Like By One Who Knew Him

The Gospel of Bartholomew

By Robert Stephson

A Fictional Account Of What It May Have Been Like To Be With Jesus

Written with Profound Respect and Beauty in a style reminiscent of the King James Bible, this is a fictional "Gospel" of the Apostle Bartholomew.

  • Discover a unique and lyrical voice that the author lovingly uses to express great and moving themes.
  • Read about Jesus Christ through the eyes of a disciple who stood by Him throughout His ministry and beyond.
  • Visualize Jesus in a picturesque and dramatic setting of His time surrounded by His friends and followers.

Highlights Of The Book

Unique Reading Experience

Enjoy Robert Stephson's artistic and poetic writing as you journey with Jesus.   

A Look At Jesus Christ

The author enables us to see Jesus physically and humanly, as well as spiritually.

Stirs The Imagination

Imagine living with this religious rebel who was also a Prince of Peace.

What Jesus Was Like By
One Who Knew Him Book Details

Available In Kindle or Paperback

  • Publisher:  Write Editor
  • Publish Date:  August 28, 2016
  • Paperback:  138 pages
  • Language:  English

Book Review By Jim Lukasik

What Jesus Was Like By One Who Knew Him, The Gospel of Bartholomew, written by Robert Stephson, is a fictional account of the Works of Jesus as seen by the Disciple Bartholomew. The unique approach the author has taken is to write the story in a modified King James language mixed with his own creation of language that allows the reader to feel the atmosphere and reality of ancient times.  The result is a poetic flow of words throughout which adds much color and life.    

   Throughout the story the reader is given a unique description of Jesus's physical attributes.  It's clear that Robert Stephson put his whole heart and mind into his descriptions of Jesus, to give a detailed and realistic experience.  He imparts his love for Jesus and conveys His demeanor in a most inspired way. Although Robert Stephon's physical description did not match the vision I hold in my heart of Jesus, I have to say that just by making the comparison between the two I felt a warmness inside as I went over my ideals of Jesus and what he looks like to me. 

   The Apostle Bartholomew gives his account of Jesus' many acts that were not written in the Bible, but of course, might have happened. Robert gives this infrequently mentioned disciple more of a voice that shares many impressions; from Jesus' acts of kindness to discussions of faith and love.  Each account is totally believable and profound. 

   What Jesus Was Like By One Who Knew Him, The Gospel of Bartholomew takes us from Jesus' ministry to His crucifixion and resurrection.  With sincerity and grace, the author shows his readers a version of the life of Jesus that gave him hope and peace in his life during a most difficult period of illness.  It's a part of his book's purpose to share with his readers the comfort and knowledge that Jesus is real and all things are possible in His Name.                   

About The Author

Robert Stephson

After a near death experience followed by profound spontaneous healings,  Robert Stephson felt called to write this book.  In it, he expresses his love of Biblical language, his gift for imaginative prose and his feeling for the universality of Christ's teaching. 

Robert was a Chairman of the Department of Modern Languages and Literature at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, where he taught for 13 years.  He has written much in the fields of business, science, advertising, and academia, but this is the first time he has put his pen at the service of soul.

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