By Tommy Benjamin

What Children Owe Their Parents

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Thoughts on Christian children's response to their parents

This book seeks to help Christian teenagers and children achieve their God-ordained obligations to their parents. It also intends to achieve the following objectives:

  • Enables children to value their parents by giving them the maximum support they deserve.
  • Helps children know that their obligation to their parents is not optional but a command from the Lord.
  • Exposes both children and teenagers to know that their primary responsibility in the home is to obey God through their parents.
  • Lastly, the book aims at bringing children back to their parents through a healthy, consistent and personal relationship with God.

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58 Pages


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November 13, 2019

Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

An Important and Valuable Book For Current Times

What a joy and pleasure to read What You Owe Your Parents by Tommy Benjamin. The most precious people in our lives are children whether our own or other people’s children. We all desire the best for them no matter what their age, but not all parents realize the positive impact teaching their children to respect and obey them will have on their lives in the process of growing up and as adults.

The problem is that today there are many influences that give children and teens the wrong messages about what they owe their parents. They need the proper balance of love and discipline, but sadly many households are missing this information, causing many children and teens to regard their parents negatively.

The best place to find the truth about discipline and love is in the Bible, but many parents today, including Christian, have been influenced by society with worldly information concerning the upbringing of their children. This is what I love about What You Owe Your Parents. It shares with children and young adults how to honor their parents daily in a straightforward manner which is easy to understand and use to transform their lives and draw nearer to God. The information is based 100 percent on scripture with effective quizzes to help reinforce each chapter.

The book has so much value. Not only is it a guide for teaching parents how to scripturally teach their children to be obedient and respectful, but it also leads children and teens into a relationship with God through the honor they give to their parents. I also found this a book of wisdom adults can use to help their parents as they transition from one season of their lives to another.  I highly recommend this book for children, teenagers, adults, and grandparents who are caregivers for their grandchildren. It’s also a great source of teaching material for Christian Sunday school.

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