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Learn How To Write Christian Sales Letters 

Learn How To Write Christian Sales Letters or Sales Pages.

If you would like to increase your presence on the Internet to reach a greater audience for your book or message, this information is for you.  

When it comes to book promotion you need to ask yourself two important questions:  

  • "What are sales pages and letters?" 
  • "How can they help my book promotion efforts?" 

For Greater Book Sales You Need An Aggressive and Competitive Strategy
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Let Me Help You Write The Kind Of Information That Will Draw Targeted Visitors To Your Pages 

  I Have Over 30 Years Experience In Copywriting!  

I'll Help You Write Compelling and Engaging Sales Pages and Letters To Promote Your Book, Product or Service! 

With a Little Time and Commitment, You Can Learn To Write Christian Sales Letters!


Margaret Lukasik

Sales Letters and Sales Pages are the greatest means of success for my Internet business.  

Although I've been on the Internet since 1999, I started using sales letters for promoting my books through magazines and direct mail in 1981. Over time I learned how to write them in a way that brought increased sales which greatly increased our family income for a small investment of about 10 hours per week. This allowed me to write more books with corresponding products that continued to grow my home business income.  

What Are Sales Letters and Pages and How Can They Increase Your Business or Book Sales?

For most self-publishers, receiving small royalties just isn't enough for their hard work because the volume isn't always there at first. Unless an author is already famous, well-known or has a traumatic event to write about they have to diversify!  And if you're a Christian author it can be even more difficult! The same goes for a new business owner.  No one knows about you or what you have to offer so you have to find ways to broadcast your message to get known!

There are a variety of ways to advertise yourself, but here I'm going to concentrate on sales letters and sales pages that you can write yourself as you follow my guide.  When I began writing these promotion letters, I needed much help.  I was fortunate enough to have experts help me from the marketing and production department of Crafts Magazine where I had placed many ads for the series of craft books I was writing at the time.  Eventually I took courses in copyrighting that helped me immensely. These two sources of instruction set me on a course of success with my writing that eventually turned into my Christian Internet ministry and writing.          

Now I can show you how to do the same by teaching you how to write great Christian sales letters, but first let's talk about what sales letters and sales pages are and what they do for you.


The Sales Letter:  Before the Internet these letters were used as direct mail pieces designed to get the attention of the reader (provided they opened the envelope) and keep his or her attention all the way through tto the end with the purpose of "closing the sale."  Actually it was and still is written to convince the reader to purchase a product or service using the sales techniques of a brilliant salesperson.  The letter has a standard format and looks just like a letter, written just as if you were writing to a friend.  And, the stronger the letter, the more sales it produced.  

With the advent of computers, these letters aren't as well known by the younger generations as they used to be.  Remember that pile of mail that contained a 4 or 5 page letter?  You either threw it in the trash or read it.  Did you purchase the product?  If you did, it was a great sales letter! I used to save them and learn from the one's that made me want to buy the product.   

The Sales Page:  Now with the Internet we can use sales pages to sell our information, product or service. The principles of the sales letter still applies, except a sales page is usually shorter and it's appearance matches the theme of the product or service being sold.  It gives a look and feel of the message being told to the reader that instills more creditability and direction of what the letter is all about.   

Both types of letters have value, but they each have their place.  I use sales pages more than letters because they work so well for my Christian books. But sales letters used on the Internet are also necessary for specific types of sales and services.  With so much work to be done such as getting reviews on multiple sites, linking your site with other sites, joining sites, you need a solid means of promoting your book that will bring you sales while you wait upon the other and slower methods of promotion to produce results. 

Frankly, you need to use sales pages and perhaps sales letters.  If you don't want to pay a professional to do it, then you need to write your own sales letters and pages.  With my guidance I can help you organize a method of selling that will take your product from obsure to well-known within the specific niche that you target.  You can also target multiple niches by learning how to change your sales material.  

Learning how to write Christian sales letters will help you maintain a place in your niche that will create a future of great rewards.  So many times an author writes a great book or creates a great product, but who will know about it if they're not known on or off the Internet?  You need to write your own sales pages or get a professional to do it for you in order to show your targeted audience in a warm and friendly way why your product will make their lives better. Marketing letters are one of the best ways to yield a steady, growing profit year after year, and if you're a Christian you need to learn how to write specifically to a Christian audience.  


Branch Out and Increase Your Sales By Learning How To Write Christian Sales Letters Or Sales Pages For Your Book! 


I'm also going to show you how to take advantage of your blog or website for selling your products right from your site and other person's sites.  I will demonstrate how to get started allowing other blog or website owners to sell your books on their sites as affiliates. Although they'll make some of the profit, you'll make more money in the long run with a higher volume of sales.

Copywriters charge anywhere from $2,500 to 10,000 or more for their sales letters depending upon their reputation in the industry. However, with some practice and experimentation you can write Christian sales letters for your books that will win you a steady stream of income without having to pay the high cost of hiring an expert.  And, it's difficult in the industry to find copywriters who specialize in Christian writing.  

I write only for Christians but I only charge a small fee in comparison because I don't have the overhead other copywriters do.  Even freelance copywriters have to pay other people for various functions such as research and referrals.  So while I do write Christian sales letters for clients, I also enjoy helping Christians learn how to write their own.  And by learning how to write Christian sales letters for yourself, you'll someday be able to write sales letters for others and charge a fee.  This can become an enjoyable means of growing your income as a writer.    

I've got everything covered and not only that, I've been successful over the years to sell my own books from my Christian sites in order to get full price for them rather than royalty fees, so I know what I'm talking about. Now I'm ready to teach other authors how to do the same. And, I'll show you how to make everything you do professional looking.

Please check back because I'm working on this exciting project titled, Write Your Own Sales Letters, that will help you get your product, service or books better known on the Internet by putting to work your talent for writing into the development of successful sales letters or pages.

-Margaret Lukasik

P.S.  You're also going to learn how to do niche research from specific places on the Internet that will help you make your sales letters even more productive.

The Book, Write Your Own Sales Letters, Will Be Available Shortly.  Please Check Back.

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Please contact me with questions about my Book Promotion Programs or about How To Write Christian Sales Letters.  

  I Have Over 30 Years Experience In Copywriting!  


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