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LIFE PURPOSE BOOKS offers three Christian Book Promotion Programs to help authors get known on the Internet.  I also offer the vital steps that can make the difference between an author’s success or failure. I go over those steps in my free guide, "4 Steps To Help You Sell More Books."  Subscribe free and you'll receive it in a download.

From my own success selling self-published Christian studies, books and services I’ve learned how to sell books and how to turn writing into a business.  I've also created this site so that Christian authors and readers can meet!  This means that the Christian information I offer on this site also brings the type of audience looking for the information I list in my book promotion criteria so that it's a win-win situation for all!  Continue to our Premium Book Promotion.

-Margaret Lukasik, Site Author

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Here’s Just A Few Of The Author Benefits You’ll Find On Life Purpose Books

An Audience For Authors

  • We provide Christian information that matches our author book Criteria.  This enables authors on this site to get more attention for their books.

Book Promotion Programs

  • Our Promotion programs will get more exposure on the Internet because of the use of SEO page and site construction which is vital.

Available Resources

  • For our Classic and Premium promotion programs we purchase each author's book and give a FREE review on and other Internet stores.

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I’ve been on the Internet since 1999 selling my services, books, studies and products.  Before that, I sold my books and art successfully by mailorder, so I've made selling my products and services my career for over 25 years.  In 2010 I began helping new authors do the same with their writing so if you have a Christian book or a book that can be helpful to Christians I hope to help you too!   -Margaret Lukasik

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Christian Book Promotion

Because of my Christian growth and life purpose short studies and articles, I target an audience looking to better understand the Bible by means of books, Bible studies and articles. I offer free studies and Bible studies that teach how to live successfully in Christ and which makes my site the perfect place for promoting Christian information books and novels that my visitors are already interested in reading. Go to my Promotion Information Page.

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